Saturday, 2 June 2007

Alongside the Darkness

We also live.
There are many mysterious forces in this world, but most are not malign.
Example given:

Lincoln died last year, tribute here

Don't mess with Satan's Candy


The Antagonist said...

It's not entirely clear whether you are implying that this man's guitar caused the power surges on 7/7, or whether ten-foot shapeshifting lizards did.

If it's not the latter then I'll be very surprised because, as you know, the only two possible stories are, "Muslims did it," or, "Ten-foot, shape-shifting lizards did it."

In fairness, Link does look a little like Elvis but that could just be due to his superior shape-shifting abilities.

paul said...

Thanks for being the first visitor, we don't get many round here. Tell all your friends